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     Dear Joy Anne,
     I love the silhouettes you did of my children last Saturday at the NEW NURSERY SCHOOL in Norwell. I told you then that your Mom had done me, but actually I found out that you did me in 1977 and your Mom did one of my Dad in 1947!! I am hanging them all together.

     Thank you, Wendy


     Joy Anne,
     Thank you again for your amazing energy, generosity and enthusiasm. PARENT TALK is so thrilled that you chose to share your talent with our members and friends. You are a Joy (no pun intended) to work with. Your expectations were so clear and easy. Be well and have a wonderful, busy summer.

     Sarah Beth Keselman


Dear Joy Anne,
     Just a quick note to thank you for another great fundraising event for Wilder. It was a great day.
     Personally, I want to thank you for your patience with me. This was my very first fund raising event solo and it was nice to know I could call you for a little support.

     M. Richards


     Dear Joy Anne,
     On behalf of the parents and students of HOLY TRINITY SCHOOL we want to say a BIG THANK YOU for helping us raise all that money for school.  Our Principal was so thrilled when I handed her the check and told her what a success the day was and how pleased all the parents were with the silhouettes! We can't thank you enough. Please keep us on your list because we want to do it again. A million thanks.

Dear Joy Anne,
     In l970 I had my three daughters done in silhouette by you at the Cape Cod Mall and have treasured the so accurate likenesses all these years.
     Imagine my surprise and joy in receiving silhouettes of my two grandchildren, also done by you. Their mother, my oldest daughter, is an artist and has given me beautiful portraits of the children.
     However, we both agree that your talent goes beyond this - you capture the very heart and soul of your subjects.
     Be happy always working with your priceless gift.

     Sincerely, A. Martin