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Perfect Profile Photo Info - for Pets & People

  1. Photograph your subjects close-up, individually. Have subject turn head until your view is in perfect profile, facing to your right. The larger the photo, the better. Send 2-3 photos of each person.  If sending via email, please send images in .jpg (jpeg) format.

Perfect Profile Photo (in jpeg format please)

not high
not low
not 3/4
not "sort of"


  1. Position subject against a plain, uncluttered, dark or light background such as a wall, curtain, sheet or sheet of poster board. The background should contrast with the skin tone so that I can easily see the profile.

  2. Get on eye level with your subject. If the person is shorter than you, this may require you to be seated while the subject stands.

  3. Show entire head and shoulders.

  4. The front of the neck needs to be visible. Adjust the hair so the front of the neck shows. Subject should be dressed in a collarless t-shirt.  No turtlenecks, please.

  5. The face should be completely relaxed, but not smiling, with the chin level.

Please provide the ages of each person. If two or more are to be pasted on the same background, they are usually placed in order by age, with the older behind the younger.

Photos mailed will be returned upon request with artwork. Allow 2 weeks from receipt of photos to date of shipping.

Price: (includes shipping and handling)

Silhouettes are $60.00 USD per person.  You receive 2 copies (one facing right, one facing left)

Extra copies at $20.00 USD each and must be requested with the original order.

Silhouettes are mounted on white mounting paper, signed and dated. Matting is optional.

I mat my silhouettes in double, oval, acid-free mats which are custom cut for me.  They are available in three colors, deep blue (Bainbridge 8450 Denim Blue), light gray-blue (Bainbridge 8510 Annapolis Blue), and beige (Bainbridge 8525 Almond).  See examples below. Please note that the colors may look different on each person's computer, as well as in "real life".

Single mats are $15.00 USD, and fit into 8 x 10 inch frames.

Double and Triple mats are $22.00 USD, and fit into 11 x 14 inch frames.

Checks should be made out to Joy Anne MacConnell, and must be sent when ordering.

Photographs and accompanying check should be mailed to:

Joy Anne MacConnell
PO Box 440, 
Victor, ID 83455

Photos may be emailed to silhouettes37@hotmail.com.



Denim Blue

Annapolis Blue