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     If you are a nursery school, library, or other small group, a silhouette fundraiser may be your answer.  Not only will  your organization raise funds, but the silhouette portraits cut freehand by Joy Anne will be treasured for years to come.

     My fundraiser packet, detailed and concise, walks you through each step, from getting the word out (e-mail really works well), to scheduling an appointment, to what happens on the actual day.  After you choose your date, you will receive additional samples of matted silhouettes for advertising and display purposes.  (One matted example is included in the packet.)  Silhouette appointments are scheduled every 10 minutes and secured by deposits.  Each customer receives 2 silhouettes of each person - a right and a left.  Extra copies are available (if I know ahead) and make wonderful gifts.

     The beauty of this fundraiser is that the customer walks out the door that day with the silhouettes and your organization receives its check that day.  Your check is based on a percentage of the proceeds.  There is no waiting for something to be completed, picked up or sent.  It is all wrapped up in one day.

     To receive your fundraiser packet, call 774-330-0682 or email me at: silhouettes37@hotmail.com.

     Over 45 years have gone into fine-tuning what it takes to organize a successful fundraiser.  Let me partner with you to help you organize yours.

          Joy Anne

P.S. Know that I am always available by phone or email to answer any questions or clarify a point.  Even if this is your first time conducting a fundraiser, you can count on my support.