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Joy Anne, a second-generation silhouette artist, has been creating heirloom silhouettes for over 40 years. One the few practicing her art in the United States, she uses a tiny pair of surgical scissors, black-coated paper and precise eye-hand coordination to freehand cut your child's silhouette portrait in only a few minutes.

Even though she now lives in the West, and infrequently visits the East Coast, you can still have your children’s silhouettes cut by her.  Just follow her Guidelines to Having Your Silhouette Cut from a Photograph.

Joy Anne continues to cut silhouettes at fundraisers for schools, libraries and other organizations.  If you can't make it to one of her fundraisers, and will be near Jackson Hole, Wyoming, or Teton Valley Idaho, Joy Anne accepts appointments at her studio in Victor, Idaho.  Call her at 774-330-0682 or email her at silhouettes37@hotmail.com to make an appointment.

For more information about Joy Anne and her art, browse her site at www.silhouettesbyjoyanne.com or find her on Facebook at facebook.com/SilhouettesbyJoyAnne and find out what others are saying.



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